Terms and Conditions Regarding Use of this Website

The purpose of SAPlist.com is to provide information about Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs) to employers, as well as to service agents who provide necessary and required services to employers and employees who are subject to mandated US Department of Transportation rules and regulations related to drug and alcohol testing.

The primary goal of SAPlist.com is to help employers find, contact and engage the services of qualified and trained SAPs.

In the process, users of SAPlist.com may print SAP Profiles and lists, as needed, for the purpose of recordkeeping and information management.

The use of information obtained from SAPlist.com for other purposes, including but not limited to marketing and other commercial activities, violates SAPlist.com’s purpose, and is prohibited.

Each SAP has entered the information that appears in his/her SAP Profile. SAPlist.com is not responsible for information that is inaccurate, or for information that has been misrepresented by a SAP in his/her SAP Profile.

The inclusion of a SAP’s Profile on SAPlist.com does not in any way endorse or imply endorsement of that SAP.

Under the federal rule, every employer is wholly responsible for decisions related to selecting and using a service agent (a SAP is a service agent) who is qualified.

From 49 CFR Part 40.15(b):

“As an employer, you are responsible for ensuring that the service agents you use meet the qualification set forth in this part. You may require service agents to show you documentation that they meet the requirements of this part.”

Anyone or any employer who engages the services of a SAP is encouraged to ask the SAP to send (fax is acceptable) proof of his/her professional certifications, training, SAP exam, and additional professional hours of education (12 hours every three years). If a SAP is not able to provide this evidence, or if the documentation is questionable, you should feel free to investigate until you are satisfied, or you should search for another SAP.

If a DOT audit determines that an employer engaged a SAP who did not meet DOT’s qualification and training requirements, the employer is subject to fines and sanctions.

Please also see theĀ Disclaimer