DOT Continuing Education Requirements for SAPs

To continue offering SAP services, you must complete SAP continuing education sometime during each 3-year period following the date of your initial SAP exam. DOT continuing ed requirements include:

1) Complete 12 SAP continuing ed hours during every three-year cycle

Use our free study guides to meet this requirement. The guides cover the following DOT-mandated subjects:

  • New drug & alcohol abuse evaluation technologies
  • Current DOT interpretations / Q&As about the SAP job
  • Recent SAP guidance from the DOT
  • DOT regulation changes and other information about developments in the SAP function in the DOT program

Free Study Guides

2) Pass a continuing ed quiz to demonstrate your knowledge of the SAP continuing ed materials.

If you become a SAPlist member, you may purchase a SAPlist U continuing ed quiz and take it online.

SAPlist U meets the DOT requirement, and will provide 12 hours of continuing education.  SAPlist U is also endorsed by EACC, NASW and NBCC.

Continuing Ed Quizzes

The requirements above are part of DOT regulation 49 CFR Part 40.281(d)(1). Learn more about DOT regulations and compliance.

The process above applies to SAPs wanting to renew their SAP status. The initial process to Become a SAP is different.