DOT regulations and compliance

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SAPlist continuing education materials—our free study guides and quizzes—are in strict compliance with DOT regulations. When you use SAPlist resources to meet your SAP continuing ed requirements, you can rest assured that you’re in compliance with DOT regulations, too.  


DOT regulations 49 CFR Part 40.281(d)(1)

This regulation states: “This continuing education must include material concerning new technologies, interpretations, recent guidance, rule changes, and other information about developments in SAP practice, pertaining to the DOT program, since the time you met the qualification training requirements of this section.”

Among the courses that would not meet this requirement: courses on ethics, violence, or how to handle resistant clients. Attending a conference does not fulfill the requirement either.

DOT rule regarding continuing education quizzes

There is no formal continuing ed quiz issued by the DOT. However, the DOT expects some assurance that a SAP has studied and learned information. 49 CFR Part 40.281(d)(2) says “Your continuing education activities must include documentable assessment tools to assist you in determining whether you have adequately learned the material.” Nothing in the regulation says you must “pass” a test.

If you take a class, the class must include some version of a quiz or test. If you take your continuing education online, the provider must offer a quiz or a test that helps you determine what you learned (or didn’t learn). This is not the formal exam that DOT required after your initial qualification training.

SAPlist U CE Quizzes

SAPlist offers online quizzes that meet DOT standards for continuing education. Create an account first and then purchase a quiz.

Once you complete the quiz online, we’ll upload certificate of completion to your secure SAPlist account. From your account, you can print or email proof of your qualifications to employers, EAPs and DOT auditors.

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Save your continuing ed documentation

49 CFR Part 40.281(e) says “You must maintain documentation showing that you currently meet all requirements of this section. You must provide this documentation on request to DOT agency representatives [auditors] and to employers and C/TPAs who are using or contemplating using your services.”

At any time in the future, an employer, an EAP, a DOT auditor, or any other service agent working under this rule, can ask you to show your documentation. You must then provide documentation of :

  1. Qualification training
  2. Initial SAP exam
  3. 12 hours of continuing education for every 3-year period since your SAP exam

If you can’t provide all of this documentation, you will be in violation of the DOT regulation. Never destroy any documentation, regardless of how old it is. It is never outdated or obsolete. Become a SAPlist member, and we’ll store all records of the SAPlist continuing education you complete in your account.

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