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SAPlist's Philosophy of Continuing Education

We believe that learning, knowing and functioning under this federal law is an ongoing process. While the regulation requires 12 hours of continuing education every three years, no SAP should limit their learning about changes and new guidance to just once every three years. DOT publishes new information at unpredictable intervals. A SAP who intends to stay informed and current should commit to checking for updates at least monthly.

Anyone can download these materials at no cost. There is no fee to obtain these materials. This is public information, published by DOT and the Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance. It's free. Download. Print. Read.

The regulation allows a SAP to meet the continuing education requirement at any time in each 3-year period following a SAP exam. This means that you could complete SAPlist U's continuing education module at any time. After completing the Quiz, you will be able to print a Certificate of Completion. (The fee for the Quiz and Certificate is $175. A SAP whose Profile has been on SAPlist for the previous two subscriptions has a reduced fee of only $100.)

Even if you have already met the requirement, you will want to continue studying the regulations. You're probably in your next 3-year timeframe. We would hope you will return to this page often, just to see what might have been added since your last visit. Download it, print it, and get ready to meet your next 3-year requirement.

49 CFR Part 40 (PDF)

100 pages. (up-to-date as of May 12, 2012)
Note: It may not be necessary for you to print this entire document. At the least, you should download this document to your computer, just so you have access to the current rules. If you print the document, you really need only pp. 1-77.

In 2009 DOT changed 40.67 to require observed collections for all return-to-duty and follow-up tests.

In 2010 DOT added MDMA (Ecstasy) to the testing panel, and made some changes to the Custody-Control Form (CCF) and to the MRO procedures.

There have been no changes to the SAP process since 2001.


Part 40 Questions and Answers (16 pages)
These Questions and Answers have been published by DOT at various times since 2001.

FMCSA Guidance (12 pages)
Issued by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, April 2005

Modal Rules (11 pages)
Summaries of the rules for the 6 transportation modes, revised by ODAPC, December 2006

Dear SAPlist (27 pages) (Vol. 1, March 2007)
A collection of e-mails received by Actual situations, issues and questions from SAPs.

Dear SAPlist (18 pages) (Vol. 2, January 2013)
A collection of e-mails received by Actual situations, issues and questions from SAPs.

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