SAP Profile:
Houdeshell, Seth

Austin, TX 78745

Credentials to Qualify
as a SAP:
Licensed or Certified Social Worker
Qualification Training: NAADAC
Training Type: a workbook training
Training Date: March 2004
March 1st, 2004
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This SAP is located: within 25 miles of Austin, Georgetown, Buda, Tyler, Plugerville, Bastrop

within 100 miles of San Antonio, Fredericksburg
Main Office Location: 6700 Manchaca Rd.
Austin, TX 78745
Contact Information: Phone: (512) 466-0835
Fax: (512) 292-9620
Cell Phone: (512) 466-0835
Email Address:
Best way to contact:Phone: (512 ) 466 -0835
Additional Information: Bilingual- English and Spanish

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